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CCNA Training in Jaipur

CCNA Training In Jaipur

Technoglobe's vision is to provide high-quality CCNA training to students as well as working professionals to enhance their technical skills. With Technoglobe, you get a wide variety of career, professional, short-term & certification programs designed for the learning & industry needs of students & working professionals in the field of Information Technology.

Technoglobe's partnership with industry leaders such as CISCO, Microsoft and HP also helps students obtain global certifications.

CCNA Training in Jaipur

CCNA Courses in Jaipur

CCNA Training will help you to find good job or create chance for your promotion. We have plenty of experienced professional instructors who will teach you at best level with live project that will help you to implement new stuffs. We designed this CCNA course according to current demand of software industry.

CCNA Course Training in Jaipur- Technoglobe is the Leading and Biggest Authorized Microsoft & HPE center (Networking) in Jaipur. Work on latest Routers & switches & get International certificate. Call us 9928556083.

CCNA Course

CCNA (Networking 2 Months) 1. Internetworking Basic Ethernet Networking Types of Networking Transmission Method Transmission Mode 2. Introduction of Cable and Connectors Fiber Optic Cable Coaxial Cable Twisted Pair Cable 3. Network Devices Repeater Types of HUB Switches Router Modem 4. Introduction of TCP/IP and OSI Model OSI reference Model Seven layers of OSI Model Application Layer Protocol Transport Layer Protocol Internet Layer Protocol 5. IP Addressing and Subnetting IP address Classes IP address Types Subnetting of Class A,B and C Supernetting Variable Length Subnet Mask Implementing VLSM into Network 6. Router and Routing Protocols Bring up router Command Line Interface(CLI) Overview of Router Modes Routing protocols • Distance Vector Protocol • Link State Protocol • Hybrid Routing Protocol Gathering Basic Information Of router Basic Commands 7. Router Configuration Routing Basics Static Routing Default Routing Dynamic Routing 8. RIP(routing Information Protocol) RIP version1 RIP version 2 Configure RIP routing 9. EIGRP (Interior gateway routing protocol) Configure EIGRP Summarization EIGRP with VLSM EIGRP with WCM 10. OSPF (open shortest path first) Configure OSPF with single area Configure OSPF with Multi area 11. Switching Switching Methods Switching Function VTP mode VLAN Configuration Implementation of Trunking Inter Vlan routing 12. Security Router password authentication Encryption password Switchport security ACL(access control list) • Standard ACL • Extended ACL NAT (Network address translation) 13. Application Layer Protocol Configuration TELNET DNS DHCP

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