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Dismantle Training in Jaipur

Dismantle Training In Jaipur

Training in Dismantle, Assemble & Troubleshoot an IC Engine

Technoglobe city’s best institute for training and internship is providing training and internship in Dismantle in Jaipur. Technoglobe is been performing excellent since last 17 years in the field of technology. Some of our achievements include affiliation from Rajasthan Technical University and authorized partner of Microsoft & HP.

Only you learn a theoretical concept, but how these concepts Actually work in practically you don’t know and blame to itself and college. So It’s time to Stop Blaming and thinks about it. We provide you practical knowledge.

Dismantle training in Jaipur

Detailed Plan of the Technical Fields is as follow:

"Dismantle & Assemble an IC Engine. Develop your own Automobile Prototype"

  • Learning by Doing with 2 to 3 hour sessions each day
  • Work on a life-size 150 CC to 800 CC Internal Combustion Engine
  • Develop a working radio-controlled prototype of a car
  • Brush up your automobile engineering basics
  • Solve case studies and interact with tech expert
  • Dismantling and assembly of a Luna, Scooter, Activa, Bike, 800-Car IC Engine.(Work 5+ Engine)
  • Automobile Prototype which can be operated by Radio Controls

Course Structure & Topics Covered
IC Engines

  • Basics of Automobiles: History & Classification
  • Detailed exposure to different systems in an automobile
    • Basic Components of a Motor Cycle
    • Advanced Ignition, Braking and Exhaust systems
    • Advanced topics on Turbo and Nitro charged Engines
    • Component and structure of Chassis, Handling and steering system
    • Advanced topics on Engine Control Unit, Sensors, and Actuators etc.
  • Comparative Case Studies & Group Discussions on existent automobiles
  • Discussion of problem statements from previous international student automobile competitions like FSAE, BAJA etc.
  • Future of Automobiles

Automobile Prototyping

  • Chassis
  • Engine Placement and Weight Distribution
  • Chassis Design Algorithm
  • Drive Train
  • Drive Train Design Algorithm
  • Steering
  • Ackerman Design Algorithm
  • Suspension
  • Car Handling
  • Aerodynamics

Hands-on Session

  • Dismantling & Assembling a life size engine (150 cc)
  • Analysing all the IC Engine components first hand
  • Live demonstration of internal mechanism (IC Engine)
  • Power train Design & Placement
  • Transmission systems & Suspension systems
  • Steering Mechanism
  • Radio Controls for the miniature Automobile
  • Chassis Design & Fabrication

Training Participation Fee: Rs.12000/- Per Student (Inclusive of All Taxes) Duration: 60 days (2 Months)

Certification By: Technoglobe (RTU Authorised) with 100% Placement Assistance

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Website: www.technoglobe.co.in Training Campus: Kumbha Marg (Opp. Bus Depo & Near Easy Day), Pratap Nagar

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