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Rhein Konsultant is one of the renowned education consultancies in India that strives to assist eligible Nursing job aspirants in fulfilling their dreams of training and working in world's most premium health care centers, hospitals, nursing homes, dormitories for people with disabilities etc.We truly believe that knowledge is the greatest power. From analyzing candidate profiles, providing right German language training, giving mock interviews and best visa training to visa processing, we help aspirants to achieve their career transformation goals with aplomb.

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Rhein Konsultant is committed to its customer centric philosophy. Our mission is to help all our clients achieve their goals by providing them world class customer service that is both reliable and competitively superior. We have counseled thousands of aspirants and can proudly boast about many success stories in recent years.And our ever growing numbers of branches across length and breadth of India are always eager to render end to end services to our clients to make their journey to ‘Career Abroad’ a hassle free process.

  1. Proper Guidance
  2. Best German Language Training
  3. Mock Interviews
  4. Precise Documentation
  5. Excellent Visa Assistance

Why Germany?

The German government has announced thousands of more jobs for hospitals and care homes, but there is still a shortage of qualified medical staff. Germany faces a massive lack of medical care personnel, which means many hospitals are overburdened. Currently, roughly 1 million people work in the country's nursing industry.

  • It is projected that 3 million nurses will be needed by 2060, given Germany's aging population. In late 2015, there were 2.9 million individuals in need of care. By 2030, this figure is expected to rise to 4.1 million.
  • Currently, an open nursing position remains unfilled for an average of 171 days, the worst average among all professions.
  • The number of people requiring old-age care continues to rise in a trend that is expected to last until 2060.
  • The share of geriatric nurses from abroad has likewise been rising for years and is currently at 11 percent.

Advantages of Working in Germany

  1. overtime, night shifts and Sundays are paid extra
    • Salary for nurses with full license +B2 = 2900 Euros - 3100 Euros
    • Salary for nurses with full license +B1 = 2400 Euros
  2. Germany is one of the safest countries to live and settle
  3. Permanent settlement is possible in few years
  4. Family (Husband or wife) can be invited through family reunion visa
  5. Husband or wife can also work on dependent visa
  6. Germany has one of the advanced health insurance scheme, it protects you and your family 100%
  7. Children’s entire education is free in Germany

Opportunities for Indian Nurses in Germany

The official language of Germany is German and common people do not understand or use any other language including English. Since German is generally not taught as a second language in schools in most of the third world countries like India, German language speaking foreign nurses are not adequately available to meet the ever rising demand to handle the increase in elderly population in Germany / Europe.

To meet this great demand, well trained Indian nurses are now welcome to work in Germany. What they need, is a university.

Bachelors (B.Sc. / M.Sc. or PBBSC) or (GNM with 3 yrs experience) in Nursing, a few years of work experience (optional) and of course, German language certificate till B1/B2 level.

Another requirement is regarding the clinical work experience (expressed in work hours) the Indian Nurses should possess in order to have full registration as a nurse.

Workplacesfor Nurses

  • In Hospitals
  • In Specialist Practices
  • In Health Centres
  • In Old People's Homes and Nursing Homes
  • In Dormitories for People with Disabilities
  • In Outpatient Social Services
  • At Health Insurance / Medical Services

The Career Progression
Opportunities @ Germany
From Health And Nursing Staff To ...

  • OP-Pflieger
  • Specialist Nursing - Intensive Care / Anaesthesia
  • Specialist Nursing - Oncology
  • Specialist Nurse - Hygiene
  • Specialist Nursing - (Gernot-) Psychiatry
  • Specialist in Nursing and Nursing
  • Specialist in social and health care
  • Quality Manager in Healthcare
  • Wound Manager

Why should you be a Nurse in Germany? Indian Nurses in Germany

Flexible working hours

Nurses can decide on how much time they want to invest in their job, and what their shift preference is. They can choose, if they only want to work 20 hours or 40 hours weekly, and in some cases also get to choose even shift timings.

Good Work-life Balance

Thanks to better shift management, nurses are able to plan a better lifestyle like going to the gym or pursue a hobby, or making a short trip to Paris or Venice during a longer weekend.

International Experience

Germany has a very high standard of healthcare and it's good to start your career with such solid foundation.

Fair Treatment

Nurses from other countries are paid the same as German nurses, especially at public institutions like government-run hospitals.

Multiple Social Benefits

Work in Germany and enjoy health, retirement, unemployment, education and other social benefits.

Further Education

Nurses have the option, and even encouraged to further their studies either via Professional Training (Weiterbildung) or a Bachelor's / Master’s degree. Some of the bigger institutions will even sponsor their nurses.

Better Salary

Salary starts from 2400~3000 Euros/month

Paid Holidays

Nurses enjoy at least 20 paid holidays yearly. That means a nurse can take a month off to visit his/her family back here in India.

Job Security

If you are good at what you do, you will be able to keep your job even when the economy is not doing well. Healthcare is an important part of the German society, and will always be in high demand.

Live in the Heart of Europe

There are many top destinations within an hour or two from Germany. Watch out for flight deals, a return flight to as far as Athens, Greece might go as low as 100 Euros.The certification is accepted across the world and candidates can seek employment anywhere in Europe and other developed countries.

Family Visa

Can take Spouse and children after 6 months of work experience. Free Education for children in Germany

Who Can Apply?

GNM with minimum 3 years experience/
B.Sc. / Post B.Sc. / M.Sc.- Nursing
with B1 / B2 Level German Language Certificate

Process for Direct work Visa

Documentation Required

  • 10th
  • 10+2
  • Nursing Registration
  • BSC Nursing or Equivalent Degree and
  • Experience certificate / Transcripts
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • B1/B2 certificate
  • Resume

Services Offered in India

Explanation of Process
Documentation work
Intensive Language Course from A1 to B1/B2
Preparation of the Documents for Apostille and Translation in the German Language
Send the Translated Documents to Germany for Recognition
Arrange Interview After B1 German Language
Help Nurses to get Contract Letter and Recognition
Help Nurses to Take Visa Interview dates after the work permit
Documentation & Preparation for Visa interview
Help Nurses for Insurance, Flights Tickets and fly to Germany

Services Offered in Germany

Initial Document Assessment
Pre Check of Resume and Experience
Get the Approval of Documents from the Employer
Nursing License Assistance
After B1, Schedule Interview for Job Contract Letter with Employer
Verification of Contract
Airport Pickup, Assistance in Bank Account Opening
Free Accommodation Arrangement for 1 Month
Assistance for City Registration
Visa Extension in Foreigners Office in Germany
Spouse Visa Assistance
Medical Health Insurance Assistance
Permanent Residency Assistance

Documents to be Translated

  1. GNM / BSC / Post BSC / MSC Degree with Apostille – for each degree / diploma of nurse education you have (a certified copy of the original and original translation and a certified copy of translation) (please certified the copy of translation at the German Embassy in your country)
  2. The curriculum of Nursing Studies – the complete / total number of hours of practice and theory per subject;The exact number of weekly hours per subject; (a certified copy of the original and original translation or certified copy of translation) (please certify the copy of translation at the German Embassy )
  3. Professional examination or Lizenz ( Nursing State License/ Registration )(a certified copy of the original and original translation or certified copy of translation) (please certified the copy of translation at the German Embassy )
  4. Previous work experience where you worked and the exact job description (a certified copy of the original and original translation or certified copy of translation) (please certified the copy of translation at the German Embassy )
  5. Employers' recommendations may be helpful (LOR from Employer)(a certified copy of the original and original translation or certified copy of translation) (please certified the copy of translation at the German Embassy )
  6. If you are unable to obtain international birth certificates, weddings, citizenship, then all the copies that are in your language are to be translated (a certified copy of the original and original translation or certified copy of translation) (please certified the copy of translation at the German Embassy )
  7. All copies that translator links to translations must be authenticated/certified by Notary / German Embassy

Documents for

10th, 12th Marks cards
12th School leaving Certificate
Nursing Certificates (yearly or semester wise)
Nursing Completion Certificate
Nursing State registration or License
Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate or any Name Change Certificate

Nursing Career in Germany and Visa Processing (Important Points to Remember)

  1. After recognition of docs, interviews will be conducted which may lead to issuing of work contract
  2. Based on that Visa filing will be done
  3. We will assist in finding the authorized centre for translation and online submission of all documents as per the check list
  4. After completion of B1, interview process will start and selection will depend on candidate's performance therein
  5. The job can be in old age home or Hospital, depending upon the candidate's overall profile
  6. Accordingly, applicants will be getting job contract and registration
  7. Some candidate will not get registration directly; it may depend on transcript hours, year of experience and the state he/she is applying for registration
  8. In this case applicant will have to do 6 months internship as nursing assistant with minimum salary of (1800 to 2000 Euro) before finally getting the full registration as a Nurse
  9. After getting the required documents from organization, the candidate should take an appointment in Embassy and with the work contract and all the original documents they should approach to the Embassy
  10. Post verification from respective authorities, applicant will get a visa for the duration of 3 months
  11. After reaching to Germany, visa will be extended for 1 or more years
  12. After 4 to 5 years they may apply and get the PR
  13. In case applicant get a job in old age home in the initial period, assistant will be provided to get a job in hospital, we will help to get job in hospital after 1 or 2 year @ Salary Euro 2400 to 3000

Financial Management

Consultancy Charges for Guidance and Assistance for Nursing @ Germany

Payment Plan

Payment Schedule Payment Timelines Amount
Enrolment with Service Agreement, German Language Training A1 To B1 Day 1 Rs. 1,10,000/- + GST
Notarized, Document Submission, Apostille, Equivalency, Recognition (After A2), Online Interviews, Work Contract Day 91 Rs. 1,35,000/- + GST or 1500 Euros
Visa Documentation, Visa Training, Visa Interview Preparation Day 181 Rs. 70,000/- + GST
After Visa Approval Day 211 Rs. 1,35,000/- + GST or 1500 Euros

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