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Xamarin Training in Jaipur

Xamarin Training In Jaipur

Technoglobe is a leading Xamarin Training in Jaipur offers core Xamarin & advance Xamarin courses for software development more easy and reliable. User friendly web applications make users do their work in easy and clear way to complete their requirements. We provide Xamarin training in practical learning sessions, so that each concept can be explained to develop good development.

Technoglobe's vision is to provide high-quality education to students as well as working professionals to enhance their technical skills. With Technoglobe, you get a wide variety of career, professional, short-term & certification programs designed for the learning & industry needs of students & working professionals in the field of Information Technology.

Technoglobe's partnership with industry leaders such as Microsoft and HP also helps students obtain global certifications.

Xamarin training in Jaipur

Xamarin Training Course In Jaipur

Xamarin Training will help you to find good job or create chance for your promotion. We have plenty of experienced professional instructors who will teach you at best level with live project that will help you to implement new stuffs. We designed this Xamarin course according to current demand of software industry.

Xamarin provides a developer with tools that can help them in building cross-platform mobile applications. The applications can have all the native features and also share the common codebase at the same time. As per Xamarin stats, more than 15000 companies rely on their tools and the list includes many big names out there.

Xamarin Course Training in Jaipur- Technoglobe is one of the best Xamarin training institute in Jaipur with 100% Placement Support. We provides real-time and placement focused Xamarin training in Jaipur. We have a track record of more than 1000 placements.

Core Xamarin Course Training In Jaipur

  • Introduction
  • Hello Xamarin!
  • C# everywhere
  • How Xamarin works
  • Xamarin components
  • Visual Studio integration
  • Xamarin Studio
  • Xamarin Forms and XAML
  • Xamarin Test Cloud
  • Preparing your environment for Xamarin
  • Cross-platform code-sharing approaches and architectural considerations
  • Code sharing options
  • Architecture
  • Cross platform solutions
  • Dealing with platform specific items
  • Demo
  • Shared Projects
  • Portable Class Libraries
  • Building our first Xamarin.Android application
  • Activities
  • Intents
  • Services
  • Permissions
  • Resources
  • UI Development with Xamarin.Android
  • Introduction to UI layout
  • Working with the designer tools
  • Layout in Android
  • Views in Android
  • ListViews and Adapters
  • Working with Fragments
  • Programming Android
  • More on Activities
  • Rotation of the device
  • Resources
  • Graphics
  • Permissions
  • Navigation in Android apps
  • Working with services
  • Deploying your Xamarin.Android apps
  • Debugging and logging
  • Packaging and deploying to the store
  • Building our first Xamarin.IOS application
  • Getting started in iOS
  • UIViewController
  • NavigationController
  • Storyboards
  • Controllers in-depth
  • Protocols and delegates
  • UIViewController
  • UINavigationController
  • UITabController
  • Modal controller
  • iPad controller
  • UI flow creation in Storyboards
  • Views in-depth
  • Working with the designer
  • Text input
  • Buttons
  • Images
  • Progress
  • Scrolling
  • Alerts
  • Table and collection views
  • TableViews
  • TableSource
  • Indexing
  • Headers and footers
  • Cell appearance
  • Editing data
  • Collection Views
  • Programming Xamarin.iOS
  • Using images
  • Using graphics
  • Resources
  • Permissions and plists
  • Working with local files on the device
  • Creating apps in code entirely
  • Deploying your Xamarin.iOS applications
  • Debugging
  • Deploying to the store
  • Introduction to Xamarin.Forms
  • Introduction to Xamarin Forms
  • Project structure
  • Pages
  • Views and layouts
  • Lists
  • Navigation
  • Platform features
  • Working with the DependencyService
  • XAML and databinding in Xamarin.Forms
  • What is XAML?
  • Building an app with XAML
  • XAML Syntax
  • XAML Markup Extensions
  • Data binding


  • 24+ Years of Excellence in Education, Trainings & Placement
  • Technoglobe has been awarded more then 20 times for its quality Education & Placement.
  • 100% Assured Placements.Technoglobe having tie ups with 100+ Companies.
  • Technoglobe is Authorised by Ministry of MSME for Skill Development Programs.
  • More Than 45000+ Students Placed.
  • Soft Skills & GDPI Classes for Interview Preparation.
  • In depth training of Technology with Live/Real Time Projects by Expert Trainers.
  • International Certification for students from our Authorised Partners HPE, IBM, Microsoft,ADOBI & Tally.
  • Technoglobe is recommended by Rajasthan Technical University for Intership & Training.
  • Team Technoglobe consists of highly qualified professionals with PhD, M.Tech, B.Tech, MCA, BCA, MBA, and many other streams.

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